Thousand Miles Journey! Started at a Spark!!

Posted on 25 August 2017 by N V Paulose

Dreams belong to universe and it happens in the way it is destined!
Thanks to the First scene that had become a spark in the heart!
And the second scene that gave a direction to the mission!!

Human beings who are meak and humble make themselves instruments for greater happenings in the world. When fully involved into the dream in which they are engrossed, they get going in a flow. Looking back about two decades, Fr. Thomas Thadathil MCBS has a wonderful story to tell. The impossible task is being accomplished! Much more than what one can even dream about! Asha Gram was a second level dream and that went in a bigger way!

Today Fr. Thomas has a totally different perspective to look at anything and everything in life. Always guided by intution; he prefers to be at a low profile and he is fully submitted to the mission entrusted in him. I am just an instrument to make way for the divine plan; he says. Fr. Thomas Thadathil fondly remembers the continuous support of Sisters of the Destitute (SD) from the beginning. Fr. Jithin Vettithuruthel ably assist Fr. Thomas in the service of Asha Gram. Fr. Thomas also thanks everyone who is with him in the mission.

A paradise coming up on earth; making the intelligent to ponder over it!
The difference between the intelligent and the children is in innocence!?

Paper Plate making unit to engage children in creative works...

Asha Gram! A Birth Day Celebration!!

Fr Thomas Thadathil MCBS

He went into coma on 4th August, 1986. His friends recalled that the doctors had raised their hands and said there was no hope. His close friends prayed for his peaceful death because there may be no use of him surviving in such a condition and becoming a burden to the society. God's plan was different. He was brought back to life. Today, he is instrumental for giving life for many intellectually differently abled children!

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